Wholesale management system for your growing business

Sweet is a platform that allows wholesale manufacturers and distributors to save costs and increase efficiency by automating their existing manual processes. Our cloud-based solution enables online ordering, invoicing, and real time inventory management. Sweet optimizes or replaces antiquated processes that continue to be used widely.

Why Sweet?


Get and Impress New Customers

List your wholesale products on a highly-visual webpage based on real-time inventory.

No mistakes

Reduce Phone Calls and Mistakes

Manage orders online. Say goodbye to late, garbled voicemail orders, orders on loose pieces of paper, and countless excel files.


Adopt Best-In-Class Technology

Our team comes from companies such as Apple and HP, where they led the development of multi-million-dollar products.

Ease of Access Couldn't Be Sweeter

Sweet is accessible on all mobile platforms including phone, tablet, and desktop. Never miss an order, and manage all your customers’ invoices at anytime, all in one place.

Cloud-based, works on all devices


  • Inventory Management

    No more out of stock. Your catalog shows what's in stock or back-orderable.

  • Order Management

    Multi-channel order entry support, real-time order control via email and text.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Dynamic sales charts, helpful insights on your customers and products.

  • Integrated with Quickbooks

    Products, orders, customers, and inventory are all synced to Quickbooks, in real-time.

  • Management Portal

    Intuitive, customizable layout. Accessible on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Customizable Online Catalog

    Image-based catalogs, synced to your inventory, tailored to each customer.

Sweet in Action