Sweet Technology: Inventory and Order Management Software For Small and Mid-size Companies

Sweet was founded in 2015 with one simple mission: help growing wholesale companies scale by streamlining their back-office operations.

Sweet is a cloud-based inventory and order management platform for wholesalers. We've built Sweet to help you keep up with the non-stop nature of running a business today. We can help you sync orders coming in via email, calls, texts, etc., and then ensure your production, accounting, and customer service all have the same information.

Sweet keeps your business streamlined so you can focus on what's most important: making great products and growing your business.

Our executives

We've led operations and technology projects at Fortune 500 companies, built great startups (like this one!), and know how difficult it can be managing a growing company. That's why we want to share the benefits of Sweet with you.

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Ed Chang
CEO / Co-Founder

Ed has spent his career in technology and operations: writing and testing software for enterprise-grade tech, getting an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and leading digital strategy and operations engagements at a top-tier managment consultancy. Here at Sweet Ed hogs the whiteboard and cheers for the Longhorns.

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Puja Singh
COO / Co-Founder

Puja started her career at Eurostar and Disney before realizing her passions for small business. She spent the next ten years building up a successful hotel and restaurant in the UK. Here at Sweet, Puja has to keep explaining to us that Leicester is actually pronounced "Les-ter" while making sure our customers are having a great experience.

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We're based in the heart of New York City.
Please reach out if you have questions!

  • 230 7th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10011
  • hello@getsweet.com
  • +1 (833) 447-9338

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