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Product Highlight - December 2017

  Product Highlight

At Sweet Technology, we are constantly working hard to improve our user experience and help our manufacturers and retailers grow profitably. We add new features or improve existing features daily.  Here are a few things we have updated in...

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Monday Minutes- December 25, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

Merry Christmas everybody! Take just 3 minutes of your time to catch up on some Tweets that you can use to impress your family during your family meal times.

How’s your photography game?


Google has launched three new photography...

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Monday Minutes- December 18, 2017

  Monday Minutes

monday minutes

Read about news on supersonic planes, driverless buses, AI-powered chatbots in this week’s Monday Minutes.

Flying at the speed of sound 

supersonic plane

With the retirement of the Concorde in 2013, people were no longer able to take supersonic...

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Monday Minutes- December 11, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

For this week Monday’s Minutes, we will be sharing about Bitcoin, underground farming and food safety technology.

Time to invest in Bitcoin?


One Bitcoin had a value of 1Usd in February 2011. Today the same Bitcoin is worth more than...

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