How To Increase Your B2B Branding With A B2B eCommerce Platform

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Does your business use a B2B eCommerce platform? Are you wondering if it can be used to increase your business's branding? While B2B platforms tend to be more practical and functional, they can be an excellent platform to showcase your brand’s voice and identity.           

Before we share with you how your business can achieve strong branding through a B2B portal, let us first examine the importance of B2B branding.

Many people have the misconception that branding is not important in B2B marketing. These critics point out that B2B buyers are rational decision-makers who will not be influenced by emotional factors such as branding or that B2B products are too complex to be reduced to a tagline or an advertisement.

However, this is not true. In a competitive B2B environment, branding allows your company to stand out among the competition.  Key B2B decision makers take into account factors such as account reputation, service, assurance, and relationship building when making the final purchase decision for B2B products or services.  Having a good branding builds trust in your consumers in all these factors and makes them more likely to purchase your goods or services.

Now, allow us to share with you five ways to achieve a strong brand with your B2B portal.

1. Creating A User-Friendly Experience

A key step to building a successful B2B brand using your B2B eCommerce portal is to ensure your customers have a user-friendly experience. When your customers have a positive experience, it will leave a favorable impression with them, which in turn helps to increase your overall brand reputation.

Your B2B eCommerce portal needs to be designed in a way to allow your customers to quickly and easily find the products or services they are looking for.  Here are some guiding questions to help ensure that your B2B portal is user-friendly.

•           Is your portal easy for your customers to navigate?

•           Is the layout of your portal clear?

•           Is the website’s performance adequate?

Apart from design, another way to enhance your customers' experience on your B2B portal is to make it easy for customers to contact you. This can be achieved with live chat support. With live chat support, you can address your customer queries anytime and anywhere they might be.  When you can resolve your customer queries, they will feel more confident doing business with you as they know they can get help when they need it.  With good customer support, your customers will recognize that your brand is trustworthy and reliable, thus helping to improve its brand image.

2. Establishing Your Brand’s Personality

In order to successfully impress your customer, it is important to craft the brand personality you wish to portray on your B2B portal. For example, if you wish for your customers to see your brand as formal or funny, or perhaps stylish or classic, then your B2B portal should convey these emotions as well. These characteristics shape your brand personality. Your brand personality can be highlighted on your B2B eCommerce portal through your logo, look, and design of the site.

Your brand personality helps differentiate your business from the rest of your competitors. It should be shaped accordingly to what your target audience needs and want from your site.

3. Choosing The Right Color Scheme

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing the right color scheme for your B2B portal. Colors influence a consumers’ purchasing decisions and affect customers' perception of your brand. The color scheme for your B2B eCommerce site is dependent on the brand personality and feelings you wish to evoke in your B2B customers. For example, red is used by companies who want to be seen as daring and exciting. On the other hand, blue represents sincerity and honesty and is used by companies who want to be seen as dependable.

4. Creating A Visual Identity With Typography   

Another important aspect that plays a role in influencing your B2B branding is the typography on your B2B portal. Font types, size, the spacing between letters and shape can influence your customer’s perception of your business. For example, serif typefaces such as Times New Roman & Georgia give off a formal, trusting and mature impression. On the other hand, sans serif typefaces like Helvetica and Arial give off a modern and friendly impression. It is vital to match your typography to the branding you wish to portray to your intended audience.

5. Building An Emotional Connection With Your Customers

Your business has to engage and build an emotional connection with your customers to be successful in your B2B branding activities. You should be taking steps to build trust with your customers so that they trust your brand. Your B2B portal can be used to express your brand story and create memories with your customers, in hopes of building a personal relationship and emotional connection between your customer and your brand.

In a B2B environment, information, data, research, and proof is crucial for trust to be earned.  Your business can demonstrate expertise and knowledge in your field on your B2B portal by including videos and infographics to engage with your customers. A video of your product’s production process can be shown to illustrate how the product is made to allow your customer to understand your products better. When your customers gain confidence and trust in your products, they will see your brand as reliable and trustworthy thus helping your brand to increase its branding.


Branding is important for any B2B business and using a B2B portal is a good avenue to increase your brand’s branding. Your B2B eCommerce portal should be flexible enough to support the customization necessary in order for your portal to match the brand personality you wish to portray.

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