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Any small business owner knows that keeping track of their finances and inventory data is a pain. It is a time-consuming and complicated process. The main frustration for most business owners is that the majority of their time is spent, not on analyzing their financial data, but on recording transactions and entering data manually from one application to another.

By using Sweet as an inventory management add-on with QuickBooks Online, you can streamline your accounting and inventory operations and save your business time.

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a popular cloud-based accounting software to help manage your small business finances. It aids your business in keeping track of your payroll, creating invoices and reconciling bank transactions.

What is Sweet?


Sweet is an order and inventory management solution designed to help small and medium business to automate their operations. It also offers integrations with top online tools such as Shopify and Shipstation to help streamline your business’s operational workflow.

How do QuickBooks Online and Sweet work together?

Sweet acts as an inventory management add-on, working as the operating layer above QBO to help your business by:

  • Automating your accounting workflow.
  • Enabling advanced inventory management features (assemblies, lot tracking, multiple stock locations).
  • Collecting order and product information from different eCommerce channels, for example, Shopify.

By syncing QuickBooks Online with Sweet, your sales, operations, warehousing team can work better together to manage your inventory and orders. Your accounting team can manage your finances and cash flow, while your sales, operations and warehousing team can manage your inventory and order operations. Both departments can easily manage both tasks at the same time with the help of Sweet’s real-time syncing of information, thus creating a more efficient workflow.

By using Sweet’s QuickBooks Online integration, the key benefits your business enjoys include:

Centralizing Of Accounting Data

Seamlessly send invoices, purchase orders, inventory, payments and customer information from Sweet’s inventory management system to your QuickBooks Online accounting system.

Gaining Real-Time Visibility

Automatically sync order and inventory data in real-time, giving you an accurate overview of all your stock movements and business finances.

Automating Accounts Receivables

Streamline accounts receivables by inviting customers to pay via the B2B eCommerce Portal or Shopify. Payments are automatically synced directly to QuickBooks Online, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Tracking Stock Levels Across Multiple Locations

Need to track your products across different stock locations? With Sweet, you can easily track your stock across multiple warehouses, in different locations, around the world. Know your inventory levels, at each stock location, at all times.

Enjoy A Complete Order & Inventory Management System

Seamlessly Integrate wit QuickBooks Online for effective inventory management.

How do you set up a Sweet’s QuickBooks Online integration?

Setting up this integration is quick and easy.

If you do not have a Sweet account set-up yet, head to Sweet to create your account.

If you do not have QuickBooks online set-up yet, head to QuickBooks to create your account.

1.Set up how you want Sweet to work with QuickBooks

Once you have both accounts set-up, head to Sweet and proceed to Configurations ► Integrations ► Add button for QuickBooks Online.

Before connecting QuickBooks Online to Sweet, you will need to configure the set-up on how you want Sweet to work with QuickBooks Online.

Settings  Description
Match Product by: This option determines how Sweet and QuickBooks attempt to match up products, if they exist in both Sweet and QuickBooks.
Create Customers & Products: This option determines whether Sweet is allowed to transfer new products and customers to QuickBooks. We recommend selecting "Yes", as "No" will require duplication of work when you want to create new products and customers in Sweet and QuickBooks Online.
Overwrite Conflicts In: We recommend selecting "QuickBooks" for this option. For most of our customers, Sweet serves as a hub of sorts, integrating upstream with marketplaces or your eCommerce website, and downstream with fulfillment or accounting apps. You can certainly choose to have conflicting data overwritten in Sweet as well.
Track Inventory:

If you are using Sweet's inventory tracking feature and have inventory tracking enabled in Sweet, you can also then choose whether or not you'd like to sync inventory data from Sweet to QuickBooks Online.

*Click here to view the article on how to set initial quantity on hands in QuickBooks Online.

2. Connect Sweet to QuickBooks Online

Once you have made your selections, simply click Connect.

When you have clicked Connect, you will be directed to this page where you will have to authorize access of Sweet to QuickBooks Online.

For the access to be granted, you will have to enter your QuickBooks credentials.


After your QuickBooks credentials are approved, you are ready to use the Sweet + QuickBooks Online integration to grow your business. If you use QuickBooks and want to learn if Sweet is a good fit for your business, request a free demo to speak to a representative who can help.

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