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wholesale management

Sweet transforms how growing wholesale manufacturers and distributors manage their business by simplifying, connecting, and automating manual and time-consuming back-office tasks.

US manufacturers and distributors generated over $8 trillion in sales last year. And while larger companies generated most of this number, 2.9M small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) contributed more than $1.1 trillion to the total.

$1.1 trillion is an impressive and hard-to-comprehend figure. However, the 2.9M growing SMBs achieving these sales could have done even better.

Generally speaking, wholesale SMBs suffer from:

  1. Inefficient processes to manage their back-office, i.e., taking orders, tracking inventory,
  2. Inability to analyze historical data to gather and act on customer insights,
  3. Data siloes / disconnects which lead to fulfillment mistakes/ inventory issues,
  4. Which are all typically caused by an overreliance on outdated and/or highly manual processes to run their business, i.e., take orders, track inventory.

Here at Sweet, we want to help wholesale companies solve these problems. Our mission is to help growing wholesale companies scale by streamlining their most critical operations.

That’s why we’ve built a modern, affordable, and easy-to-use cloud solution that reduces the time needed to manage order entry and inventory, while at the same time reducing the mistakes often encountered from taking on these tasks manually. Our included B2B customer portal provides SMBs a branded web property where your customers can view and manage their orders, download their invoices, and find out about the latest products.

We’re proud of the technology we’ve built. However, what we’re most excited about is helping our customers: visiting the kitchens, warehouses, and offices where you work, speaking with you about what technologies are critical, and seeing you succeed in growing your business.

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