Mames Burritos saves 16 hours weekly managing orders with a B2B eCommerce Portal

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Mames Burritos

Why Mame’s Burritos Loves Sweet

  • Enhanced customer experience for their wholesale customers with a B2B eCommerce Portal
  • Time savings from customer-entered orders and seamless integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Automation and easy management of recurring orders

Company Overview: Who is Mame’s Burritos

Mame, the founder of Mame’s Burritos, is direct proof that age means nothing when it comes to starting a business. In 2005, at the youthful age of 65, Mame decided to start her own burrito company. Fast forward to 2017, her company now sells 11 different delicious burritos to hungry eaters across Colorado and surrounding states. In fact, Mame’s was a top finalist for the “Colorado Companies to Watch” in 2016.

Situation Overview

Mames Burritos

Currently, Mame’s Burritos can be found in more than 120 retail locations all over Colorado and throughout the US in states such as California and Illinois. It’s safe to say that Mame’s business is on the rise. Unfortunately, one main problem that was hindering their growth was their order management issues.

So what were the issues that Mame’s were facing?

Order Taking Difficulties

It is not easy for any wholesale business to manage a large number of customers. Before having an inventory and order management platform, Mame’s handled large amount of orders coming in through multiple channels. Orders were coming in via phone calls, voicemails, emails, or needed to be created from standing orders on file. Managing orders from all the different channels, without a centralized system was chaotic and messy for Mame’s.

Further compounding their difficulties, Mame’s order entry process was tedious and manual. A typical order followed three steps:

  1. After receiving an order, an employee would input the customer’s sales information into an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Next, the customer’s sales information was manually entered a second time into Quickbooks Online, their accounting software.
  3. After that, the customer’s sales information was manually entered into the production team’s packing list.


Time-Consuming Order Process

Manually managing their order process was extremely time-consuming for Mame’s. For every sale, Mame’s team had to enter the sales information three times: first to a spreadsheet, next to Quickbooks and lastly to the packing list. Furthermore, when a customer called to change their order, the whole process had to be repeated to edit the order appropriately.

High Error Rate

Mame’s manual order management process resulted in a high error rate which affected customers’ shipments. These errors were primarily from orders which were misheard over the phone or from sales information copied over incorrectly from their email database to their Excel order management spreadsheets. These mistakes would often result in higher cost for Mame’s as they had to make extra delivery trips to send the correct or missing goods to the customers.

Additional Time Required to Resolve Order-Related Errors

As a result of their inefficient order processes, Mame’s needed a full day to prepare the customer goods prior to the delivery date. They spent the full day sorting through all orders manually; making sure that the correct amount of goods was going to the right customers. With their packing list being incomplete and messy, the entire team had to step away from their individual tasks to help resolve any errors. With Mame’s doing deliveries twice a week, the problems caused by the manual workflow resulted in them wasting two days a week to manage orders.

Less Time Spent Growing The Business

It was clear that Mame’s spent a lot of time managing their inventory. Time lost to their inefficient manual process could have been used to grow their business. Mame’s lacked time to focus on building their business, affecting initiatives to market new products or acquire new customers.

How Sweet Solved Mame’s Headaches

Mames Burritos

Mame’s knew that, if they wanted to have time to focus on business growth, they needed to address their inventory and order management difficulties. Just as Mame’s were deep into realizing they had to change their workflow process, they discovered Sweet. On paper, Sweet’s features fit Mame’s pain points like a glove: B2B eCommerce Portal, seamless integrations with QuickBooks, and automated production and packing lists. After a demo and short trial, Mame’s Burritos decided to partner with Sweet Technology.

So how did things turn out for Mame’s?

Simplified Ordering Process

Using Sweet’s B2B eCommerce portal, Mame’s streamlined their order management process. Now, their customers could enter new orders directly. Mame’s customers could easily log in to Mame’s B2B eCommerce Portal to create or edit their orders anytime and anywhere they wanted. They no longer had to call or email Mame’s if they need to make changes. As a result, Mame’s no longer needed to spend as much time on the phone or sifting through emails to address every customer order. All they had to do was to access Sweet’s dashboard and easily view all of their customers orders. With the help of Sweeet’s B2B eCommerce solution, they now had more time to focus on other tasks, such as growing their business.

“Creating an account for the customers was easy. All customers had to do was create a password and all their account information was available to them. They could see past orders, standing orders, and print their invoices. They were amazed at how easy was it to use the portal to manage their orders.”

Seamless Integration with Quickbooks

After integrating their QuickBooks Online with Sweet, Mame’s was able to eliminate double entry errors that used to take hours, sometimes days of effort each week to fix. Now, They had a simpler workflow compared to the past. They no longer had to go through the long painful process of manually copying and pasting information across multiple spreadsheets. After using Sweet, Mame’s team members needed to key in the order only once into Sweet and Sweet would do the rest of the job for them.

So how did integrating Sweet and Quickbooks help Mame’s? Sweet’s robust QuickBooks Online integration would:

  • Send the order information directly to their accounting platform, QuickBooks Online, with all necessary customer and line item information
  • Update the customer or product records in QuickBooks if it was changed in Sweet
  • Categorize all lines appropriately based on Class or Chart of Account

As a result, Mame’s was able to save a significant of time compared to how they previously entered orders, customer data, and catalog data into QuickBooks.

Recurring Order Automation

Before using Sweet, Mame’s spent a considerable amount of time managing standing orders, also known as recurring order. These were orders that would recur with largely the same items, on any given timeframe. After using Sweet, managing these repeat orders became a breeze. Using Sweet’ standing order feature, Mame’s was able to set up orders which would automatically create on a weekly basis. Whenever a standing order needed to be approved, Sweet’s notification would notify Mame’s. After that, Mame’s would just need to approve and send the order to production. The standing order feature automated the work required to manage these recurring orders. Now, Mame’s would never worry that they would miss out any customer’s standing orders. This helped to lighten Mame’s team’s workload significantly by reducing the time need to manage standing orders.

The Result: Mame’s reduced their overall time spent managing orders by nearly 90%

Mame’s reaped the benefits of Sweet almost immediately after starting:

  • Reduced time spent managing their ordering and invoicing weekly process by nearly 90%, from 16 hours a week to just 2 hours a week.
  • Converted 98% of customers from calling in or emailing orders over to using Sweet’s B2B eCommerce portal for self-service order entry and management   
Sweet helped us to be more effective with our time, more accurate with our customer delivery and customer service, allowing us to focus on growing our business.

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