Mochidoki Saves 15 Hours Weekly By Streamlining Their Order Management Process

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Why Mochidoki Loves Sweet

  • Time savings from removal of duplicate data entry and seamless integration between invoicing and shipping platforms.
  • Reduced errors arising from manual data input.
  • Improved communication across their sales and operation teams.

Who Is Mochidoki?

Founded in 2014 by Ken Gordon, Mochidoki is an NYC-based mochi ice cream manufacturer creating delicious, bite-sized desserts. Mochi ice cream combines mochi, sweet, glutinous rice traditionally used in Japanese cooking, with ice cream, which requires no introduction. It’s a dessert commonly found in Japan which, in recent years, has caught on in popularity in the United States. Combining the chewiness of soft dough alongside cold ice cream, mochi ice cream is a soft and chewy dessert that melts in your mouth.

Mochidoki prides itself on pushing boundaries to create indulgent and adventurous flavors, such as Mango Thai Basil and Yuzu Mojito. Mochidoki also focuses on all-natural flavors, making the extra effort to use natural sweeteners or colors only.

Currently, Mochidoki sells its products online, as well as to hundreds of wholesale customers across the country.

Growing Pains

Prior to using Sweet, Mochidoki was scaling fast. They quickly signed on chain restaurants and other customers with national footprints. Up to that point, the Mochidoki operations team entered orders directly into their accounting and shipping platforms, which was a suitable workflow for a young company with a small team.

However, as Mochidoki’s orders per week continued to double and triple, it became very clear that their order entry and management workflow hindered their ability to scale. Entering orders was manual and time-consuming, making it difficult for them to manage orders from their new and existing customers.

Here is a rough outline of Mochidoki’s order management process prior to adopting Sweet:

  1. When an order was received, a salesperson entered the customer’s information and order details into a pdf ordering form.
  2.  The operations director would receive this PDF form, and then, manually create an invoice in their accounting software and print it out afterward.
  3. After creating the invoice, the operations director would then have to manually enter the order details into their shipping platform to create a shipping label and print it out.

This was a time-consuming process. Processing a single order required entering the same data to three different places. As a result, the average order required at least five minutes to enter. Given the high number of orders Mochidoki received each day, this was very inefficient. 

In addition, entering the same data multiple times sometimes resulted in errors, i.e., incorrect order quantities, the wrong product, or even missed orders. These types of errors can often lead to time wasted to rectify issues, as well as potential sales losses and lost customers.

The Search For Solutions


Mochidoki’s leadership team recognized their current workflow would impact their ability to scale. They realized they needed to streamline their operations, connect their siloed data, and reduce the potential for mistakes.

Mochidoki initially investigated a range of solutions, from wholesale ordering software to ERP providers. Being a startup, it quickly became evident that using an ERP software was much too complex and costly. When talking to wholesale ordering software providers, Mochidoki executives found that most were lacking critical functionality needed, for example, complex order rules.

However, upon getting in touch with the Sweet Technology team, their inventory and order software checked all the boxes After considering all the options, Mochidoki decided to proceed with Sweet as Sweet seemed to be the best fit to address their problems at an affordable price point.

A Sweet Solution For Mochidoki

With Sweet, Mochidoki could manage their entire ordering process on a single platform instead of having to enter and manage data in three siloed systems. Sweet’s integrations with Mochidoki’s accounting platform (QuickBooks Online) and their shipping platform (ShipStation) eliminated the need to input the same information multiple times.

Now, instead of manually typing each order onto a pdf each time and guessing discounts and order rules for each customer, pricing and rule enforcement were handled automatically. In addition, invoices could be customized and printed directly on Sweet, saving Mochidoki valuable time and reducing errors and potential lost sales. 


Mochidoki reduced their time spent managing orders each week by 15 hours, a savings of 75%. These efficiencies were primarily driven from the streamlining of repetitive, manual data entry processes, as well as reduced data-entry errors and time spent fixing errors.

As an additional benefit, Sweet enabled improved alignment and communication between Mochidoki’s operations, accounting, and sales teams. Now, with a single source of truth, the Mochidoki team all had access to the same data, in real-time, from anywhere. The improved alignment resulted in fewer human errors and miscommunication between sales and operations team members. Moreover, Mochidoki’s Chief Financial Officer gained an unobstructed view of the company's operations and could get a real-time update on every customer’s sales and shipping status with Sweet.

"Sweet has helped us streamline and scale our business operations, allowing us to focus on more important high impact initiatives.”

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