Monday Minutes - April 2, 2018

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

In this week’s Monday Minutes, read up on using mobile applications for your eCommerce business, how Amazon created their efficient inventory management system, and how to avoid failure in your B2B eCommerce venture.

Use Mobile Apps To Grow Your ECommerce Business

It’s foolish to think you can forgo using mobile applications for your eCommerce business. According to App Annie, in 2017, consumers spent 44% more time using the top digital shopping apps compared to in 2016. Here are three essential tips that you should take note of when creating your mobile app eCommerce strategy:

  1. Use “snackable” moments to satisfy customers' desires for instant gratification.
  2. Make your checkout process as short as possible to prevent cart abandonment.
  3. Drive product discovery with push notifications to catch customers' attention.

How Embracing Chaos Helped Amazon To Achieve Success

Amazon is well-known for having one of the world’s most efficient warehousing system where you can order something from them and receive it the next day later. The secret to their success: the complete randomness of how they organize inventory. Read this article to find out how they managed to do it.

Avoid These 7 Points Of Failure For Your B2B ECommerce Business

The online B2B market is expected to grow from $899 billion at the end of 2017 to $1.2 trillion by 2021. As such, most companies have jumped onto the B2B eCommerce wagon hoping to capture a slice of this lucrative market. However, in reality, only 5% of B2B initiatives achieve their goals. Read this article to find out how to avoid failure in your B2B eCommerce initiatives.

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