Monday Minutes - December 11, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

For this week Monday’s Minutes, we will be sharing about Bitcoin, underground farming and food safety technology.

Time to invest in Bitcoin?

One Bitcoin had a value of 1Usd in February 2011. Today the same Bitcoin is worth more than $10,000. Bitcoin has become increasingly popular over the years, and it is reported to be headed to Wall Street. Imagine if you had invested in Bitcoin at the start, you could be a millionaire, maybe even a billionaire now.

Why farm above ground when you can do it underground

There was vertical farming, and now there is underground farming. Steven Dring Farm has started growing lettuce underground and selling the produce around London. With this method, one can eliminate a lot of costs associated with traditional farming, and there is no environmental harm commonly associated with industrial scale agriculture. Time to start farming in your basement. 

Ensuring Food Safety with Technology

Use of data point technology allows one to monitor critical control points of food quality and safety. Hygiene monitoring technology helps businesses to detect food residual that cannot be identified with the naked eye. Using IoT Technology, businesses can track your food product’s movements from manufacturing to retail, ensuring that the products do not spoil under harsh temperature changes.

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