Monday Minutes - December 18, 2017

  Monday Minutes

monday minutes

Read about news on supersonic planes, driverless buses, AI-powered chatbots in this week’s Monday Minutes.

Flying at the speed of sound 

With the retirement of the Concorde in 2013, people were no longer able to take supersonic flights. Fret no more; Boom Technology plans to make supersonic flights a reality again. With a $10 million investment from Japan Airlines (JAL), the future of supersonic travel looks bright once again. Bye bye, long travel flights.

Power Up Your Business With AI Chatbots

“Hello! What can I help you with?” AI Chatbots are now commonly found in most business. Now, most chatbots currently can only help with specific requests. However, in the near future, AI chatbots will be leveraging machine learning and deep learning to provide unique user experiences to address your customers’ problems. Don’t miss out on the potential of chatbots to grow your business.

Where is my bus driver?

Driverless buses might become a reality closer than you expect.  Full-sized self-driving buses, capable of seating up to 19 people, are currently undergoing a public trial in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen Bus company plans to start public trials in another ten cities after this current trial ends. The future of driverless technology is undoubtedly bright.

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