Monday Minutes - December 25, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

Merry Christmas everybody! Take just 3 minutes of your time to catch up on some Tweets that you can use to impress your family during your family meal times.

How’s your photography game?

Google has launched three new photography applications as part of their “Appsperiment.” First, “Storyboard” takes your video clips, selects 6 frames and create a comic book out of it for you. Second, “Selfissimo” is for all you selfie lovers out there. It takes black and white pictures of you and will take one every time you change your post. Third, “Scrubbies” allow you to remix your video like a DJ by enabling you to create video loops. Let your creativity take you away with these applications.

Small Business Technology Trends 2017

Before we say goodbye to 2018, let us take a look a some of the small business technology trends for this year. An increasing number of small businesses have recognized the importance of cloud technology. As a result, many have adopted cloud solutions in their business. Also, there is an increasing trend of mobile payments though it has yet to become mainstream. To learn about more trends, click here to read the article.

Grow Your Online Food Sales With Technology

The online space for food products is competitive so here are some secrets to help you rise to the top. You can optimize for local search to allow locals to search for your product quickly. Participating in online food communities can help you increase your brand exposure and build up a fan base. Don’t forget to create great social media pages to attract your potential followers and allow them to find you easily.

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