Monday Minutes - December 4th, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

Let us take a look at glitter cappuccino, coffee powered vehicles and inventory strategy tips in this week edition of Monday Minutes.

Shine And Sparkle Like A Glitter Cappuccino

Bling it out with some glitter cappuccino. Take some gorgeous pictures for your Instagram to be the envy of your friends. And the best part, the glitter is edible too! Look out for it at a coffee place near you.

Power Up Your Car With Some Coffee

British startup Bio-Bean has created a coffee-based biofuel to help power London’s diesel bus. Recycling used coffee grounds; it undergoes a process to develop B20 biofuel. Just don’t go around drinking this fuel as a replacement for your morning coffee.

Change your business with inventory management technology

Stop wasting time and money with manual inventory management methods. Use Big data to gain in-depth insights into your inventory operations. Use RFID tags and scanners to aid you in tracking inventory. Use custom technological solutions to meet the demands of your unique customer. Use this article to find out more.

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