Monday Minutes - February 12, 2018

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

In this week’s Monday Minutes, we are exploring what the future of food holds for us, technology trends in 2018 as well as blockchain in retail.

The Future Of Food

Imagine a world where genetic food modifications help you lose weight or where your smartphone can inform you about the food's nutritional value just by scanning it. This is the rate that technology is accelerating the innovation rate of the food industry. With over $14 billion dollars pouring into over 1000 food based start-up since 2010, expect a whole new food system in the future.

2018 Technology Trends You Need To Know

Here are three technology trends that we know you will love from this article.

  1. Artificial Intelligence is going mainstream. For example, law firms can now use AI to cut down costs and build a stronger case by scanning thousands of legal documents in minutes.With AI technology now accessible by small and mid-sized business, expect more innovative solutions in upcoming months.
  2. Big Data is no longer just available to big enterprises, but any small or medium business can easily access them. With this information, these firms now have the ability to create new strategic advantages such as lower customer acquisition cost or entering new markets.
  3. The drone industry is expected to be the fasting growing sector in the US. From law enforcement to agriculture monitoring, the uses of drones are limitless.

How Will Blockchain Change The Retail Industry

Blockchain technology is changing industries globally, and it is the same for the retail world. The two biggest issues that consumers face when buying retail goods are consumer trust and counterfeit goods. With blockchain, consumers can be assured of the true life-cycle of products especially as consumers are increasingly seeking socially responsible goods. Through this, consumers are also able to verify the authenticity of their goods by checking at where, how and when was the product created.

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