Monday Minutes - February 26, 2018

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

In this week’s Monday Minutes, read about news on food start-up communities, Nestle’s new enhanced inventory solution, and the future of grocery shopping.

Building a Community for Food Start-Ups and Corporations

Aiming to develop a solution to help food start-ups and corporations engage globally, Crowdfooding has created a crowdfunding platform to create opportunities for food and drink businesses to match with entrepreneurs and investors. This UK-based firm has already formed partnerships with industry players from Israel, Italy, and Portugal with more partnerships in the pipeline. Expect this firm to make a huge impact on the food ecosystem.

Nestle Working With Alibaba To Streamline Its ECommerce Supply Chain

nestle alibaba

Nestle has successfully transformed its China distribution strategy with a new inventory solution that has its warehouse stock integrating with Alibaba’s platform. With this new solution, Nestle expects to save around $1.57 million in annual distribution costs.

What Is The Future Of Grocery Shopping

How we shop for our groceries will change dramatically in the next few years. Grocery sales from online channels are expected to capture 20% of the US market by 2025. That represents more than $100 billion in annual grocery sales. However, the focus is not just on online shopping with retailers, it is also on enhancing the in-store digital experience.  A prominent example would be Amazon’s “Amazon Go” concept where shoppers shop in a cashier and cash free grocery shop.

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