Monday Minutes - February 5, 2018

  Monday Minutes

Monday Mintues

In this week’s Monday Minutes, let us look at Walmart’s latest weapon against Amazon, the trends in the robotic food market, and a bacteria detecting device to make the trend towards raw food a safer bandwagon to jump on.

Walmart’s Latest Weapon To Fight Amazon: Inventory Data

Walmart plans to create greater inventory efficiency by sharing more inventory data with their suppliers. Previously, Walmart kept its On Shelf Customer Availability( OSCA) data to themselves internally. However, they are now willing to share this information with their suppliers. They hope that this sharing of data will assist suppliers to react faster to restock their out of stock products more quickly. The question: will this be enough for them to compete with Amazon?

Food Robotics Market Trend 2018

By 2025, the global robotics food market is expected to be worth $3.35 billion dollars. Factors such as increasing packaged food demand, the need for automation, and rising labor costs are driving this surge in demand. Food companies need to be willing to embrace the latest technology to keep up with their competitors in this technology-driven era.

Let Me Inspect My Food And Water For Bacteria

Food scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a low-cost tool to help you identify bacteria in your food or water. With raw food trending, this device would be useful for consumers to check if their food is safe to eat.

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