Monday Minutes - January 22, 2018

  Monday Minutes

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In this week’s edition of Monday Minutes, we will be sharing with you about smart kitchen tools, Iot and what are young food entrepreneurs up to today.

Good Morning Fridge, What Can I Cook Today? 

Having trouble coming up with ideas on what to cook? The new Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator can solve this problem. This genius kitchen application can recommend recipes to you based on your food preferences, diet restrictions and the food in your fridge. Not only that, just like Amazon Alexa, it can also function as your digital assistant helping you with any daily task you might need. Just get me this fridge already.

How IoT Is Transforming The World We Once Know

Internet of Things( IoT) is merely the connection between physical devices and the web worldwide, collecting and sharing data with each other. Here are just some of the ways your lives might be affected.

  • Inventory management will become easier with the aid of automatic inventory tracking.
  • You can have the ability to gather and track information in almost everything you do, from your employee's productivity to your consumer’s behavior.
  • There will be a faster pace of life with everything becoming more connected from a  more streamlined public transport system to receiving goods from an online eCommerce store.

Discover How Young Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Food Industry

From reducing food waste to increasing sustainable farming practices worldwide, these 16 young entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the food and farming industry through their start-ups. To find out more about them, just read this article.

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