Monday Minutes - Januaury 8, 2018

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

It might be a new year but Monday Minutes is here to stay. Read about food trend predictions, blockchain technology in the pharmacy industry and robots in retail stores.

Can you predict the food trends for 2018?

2017 has seen its share of interesting food trends from the unicorn food craze to scientifically engineered plant-based proteins. Eater has compiled a list of predicted food trends that they think will take over the food world in 2018. Edible flowers, anybody?

Blockchain technology coming soon to the pharmacy industry

While blockchain technology is best known because of bitcoin, it can be applied in other areas too. In the pharmacy industry, there are plans to use blockchain technology to prevent counterfeit drug prevention, which cost the pharmacy market about 200 billion each year.

Robots are are taking over our retail stores

So robots are not going to take over our stores literally, but retailers are increasingly tapping into robots to help them manage their store. Robots are not only used for in-store inventory management but also to interact with customers. In BevMo!, a beverage store in California, they have a robot which can not only bring your requested beverage to you but also answer any questions you might have about the product. Retailers will need to embrace this technology to stay relevant in today's world.

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