Monday Minutes - March 12, 2018

Time for the Monday Minutes. This week, read up on the internal battle between Amazon and Whole Foods, Lego's excess inventory problem, and key B2B eCommerce metrics for your business.

Amazon vs Whole Foods: The Battle over Product Standards

Whole Foods is well-known for stocking its shelves with organic, all-natural products. Now, its new owner Amazon is throwing its weight around in an attempt to break Whole Foods of that aspect of its core values, with the goal of attracting more customers looking for sugary staples, such as Coca-Cola. Striking a balance between Amazon’s unquenchable thirst for growth and Whole Foods’ emphasis on health and wellness will be exciting to watch.

Lego Is Drowning In Bricks

For the first time in 13 years, Lego is experiencing a decline in their growth rate, with sales falling by 8% to $5.8 billion. A primary factor behind this loss is excess warehouse inventory of legos, which has prevented Lego from stocking new products to sell to its customers. With 1,400 Lego jobs already cut in last September, Lego is currently undergoing a crucial "reset" phase to revive its company sales.

6 B2B ECommerce Metrics For Your Business

ECommerce retail sales are growing rapidly and expected to hit $653 billion in 2018. Here are some key eCommerce metrics to bring your business to higher profitability.

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost(CAC)
  2. Conversions
  3. Comprehensive Site Metrics
  4. Customer Retention Rate
  5. Returning Customers
  6. Cart Abandonment Rate

To learn more about these metrics and how they can help your business, click here.

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