Monday Minutes - November 20, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

Kick off the week with some Monday Minutes. In this weekly post, we will be sharing Twitter's new character limit, Walmart's robots and mushroom-infused coffee.  

140 280 Character Limit For Twitter Posts

Do you get frustrated when you can’t include all the hashtags you need? Fear no more. Twitter has doubled its character limit from 140 to 280. Now you can tweet away your feelings freely and let the world know about it.

In-Store Inventory Robots Are Coming To A Walmart Near You

Need assistance while shopping but the staff are nowhere to be found? Walmart plans to solve this problem with… you probably guessed it... robots! Store associates will now have time to attend to your needs while leaving mundane tasks like stock-taking to the robots. Everybody wins, right?

Mushroom-Infused Coffee 

First matcha latte, then butter coffee, now we have mushroom-infused coffee. Known for their immunity boosting and antioxidant properties, mushrooms bring lots of benefits to the table. Don't be surprised - or put off - if you see mushroom-based shampoo or skin lotion on shelves soon also.

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