Monday Minutes - November 6, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Monday Minutes

What is the best way to start off Monday? By reading some Monday Minutes. This week, we will be talking about 3D printed food, inventory control, and food scraps.

3D-printed burgers and fries

Enjoying a meal at home next time can be as easy as printing paper from a printer. Researchers from the Yissum Research Development Company is trying to make this a reality using 3D printing technology. They have so far "printed" dough. I wonder what is next on their menu.

Be merry during the holidays with inventory control

Don't be part of the 43% of small businesses who use manual methods or don't even track their inventory. Using inventory control, you can prevent stock-outs, streamline your workflow and forecast your best sellers. Take control of your business today.

Cook a satisfying meal with food scraps

Join the zero waste food trend. This article will show you ten ways on how you can reuse everyday food scraps for your next meal. From citrus peels to fennel stem, put all your kitchen scraps to good use.

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