Monday Minutes - October 16, 2017

  Monday Minutes

It's Monday! Kickstart your day with a fresh cup of coffee and take a minute to catch up on some of our Tweets that you might have missed out over the week.

How to move your business to a SaaS platform? 

Before plunging to use a SaaS platform, a business needs to find out if employees are willing to adapt to the new system. The business also needs to identify which business function should be outsourced to the cloud. Lastly, transiting to a SaaS platform needs time, so don’t expect a miracle overnight.

The next generation of food systems: How we eat in the future.

Forget traditional farming methods. Automated vertical farming and aquaponics technology will transform the way we farm. Lab-grown meat a myth or fact? Say bye to this myth with in-vitro meats and artificial animal products coming your way soon.

RoboCook? Discover how robots will disrupt the cooking industry.

Need a pizza? Zume delivers pizzas made from robots. Looking for coffee? Get served by a robot armed barista who prepares, brews and serves coffee at Café X. Read this article to find out more.

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