Monday Minutes - October 23, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Back again with more exciting Tweets that you might have missed out last week.

Fizzy milk: will it be the next food trend? 

Forget how you think milk should taste. Arla, a milk producer in the UK, plans to sell a fizzy fruity milk drink. This will be done by mixing milk with fruit juice before being carbonated. So look out for it the next time you visit a supermarket.

Smart factories: Bye workers, hello robots

The manufacturing landscape is set to change with workers slowly being replaced by robots. More than 75% of manufacturers have either an existing smart factory initiative or are planning to have one. This begs the question: will manufacturing labor jobs soon be obsolete? 

Screen Shot 2017 10 10 At 12.49.14 PmAmazon’s vision for grocery stores

Be prepared to see changes in your grocery stores. Fully automated supermarkets is the goal of Amazon.With close integration to Amazon’s home IOT products coupled with AI technology to discover customer and product insights, Amazon is ready to disrupt the grocery industry.

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