Monday Minutes - October 30, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Wash away your Monday blues with our weekly minutes.

Check on the latest beverage trends

These are the three latest beverage trend revealed by Google's search data for 2017. First, cold brew coffee has gone from a scrappy DIY trend to a mainstream staple in many people's lives. Second, interest in earthy flavors such as matcha is increasing as people are looking for food associated with health benefits. Third, people are looking for more ways to enhance water flavors such as boosting alkalinity and adding carbonation.

Saving lives in the Military with technology

Technology is playing a part to save lives in the Military. The technology under development is called Medical Ultra Wideband Broadcast (MEDHUB). It is a handsfree system that will allow Army medics to access a soldier's medical condition. The data will then be pass on to the medical treatment facility in real time. This will allow them to prepare for the arrival of the patient.

Race to be the second location of Amazon's headquarter.

Cities are ramping up their efforts to be noticed by Amazon. Tuscon attempted to deliver a 21-foot cactus to Amazon. Meanwhile, Chicago is bringing Fortune 500 CEO to help them. Joining the race too is Birmingham who has installed three massive Amazon boxes around the city to capture Amazon attention.

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