Monday Minutes - October 9, 2017

  Monday Minutes

Beat the Monday Blues by catching up on some of our Tweets from last week.

Smart Asset Tracking can help prevent inventory loss and theft.

Cargo theft results in $22 billion in losses globally just in 2015 alone. To prevent losing your inventory for good by criminal gangs, use smart asset tracking to ensure your inventory is visible to you at all times.

Is Blockchain finally the solution to stop identity theft and fraud? 

Blockchain technology solves many of the problems causing distrust between buyer and sellers. It has both the internet’s openness and the security strength associated with cryptocurrency. Benefits of Blockchain include minimizing online transaction risks, protection from price swings, and more secure transactions.

Falling trend of Americans who like to cook. 

With less and less Americans who like to cook, businesses need to innovate to keep up with this changing demand. Food manufacturers need to cut declining business or change their strategy to focus on premium or local markets. Companies need to carry out food innovation technology for example MATS technology. 

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