Our Improved B2B e-Commerce Portal

  B2B eCommerce

With each passing year, B2B e-Commerce is growing in importance. By 2020, B2B e-Commerce is expected to reach 1.1 trillion USD in total sales, and accounts for 12.1% of all B2B sales in the US according to Forrester. 

Given that, we decided to put our our B2B e-Commerce Customer Portal product under the magnifying glass and look for ways to improve it . Before we go into what's changed, let's quickly rehash why brands need a B2B portal.

Why Brands Need a B2B e-Commerce Portal 

So what are the benefits of a B2B e-commerce portal? We've talked about it before, but in short, it enables you to: 

  • Empower your customers. Customers want self-service and this platform allows them to manage their order process anytime and anywhere they are.
  • Reduce your workload. Allowing customers to make their own orders and purchases will free up time for your employees to engage in other tasks. Also, this will reduce human order errors for both you and your customer.
  • Grow your business with your existing customers. A B2B e-Commerce portal provides another touchpoint to engage your customer. You can provide personalized information catered to their needs and preferences, giving them convenience and support. This makes them more likely to purchase your product or service. 

Sweet’s updated B2B e-commerce portal

We've listened to our customers and have made improvements to our B2B portal aimed at better usability and content and design management. See below for a quick comparison of the before and after.

Before Old Sweet's B2B eCommerce Portal
After New Sweet's B2B eCommerce Portal

Key Improvements

1. Better Usability

We've focused on enabling a B2C e-commerce experience for wholesale brands. Whereas previously we featured an admin-like interface, we've updated the interface to create a familiar experience for B2B buyers. In addition, product catalogs can now be filtered by categories in the left-hand side menu, similar to what you might find on Amazon. Behind the scenes, the catalog continues to support individualized customer catalogs and pricing.

Product Catalog

product description

2. Content and Design Management

You now have the ability to add an About Us section and contact information, in addition to the ability to manage every aspect of your B2B e-Commerce portal's color scheme. Finally, you can control what attributes are shown in the catalog, for example, pack/size, lead-time or SKU.

customizable webpage

Our customizable B2B e-commerce portal can help your business provide your wholesale customers a modern buying experience. It takes minutes to set up and customize. In the future, we plan to add more functionality to promote your new products and promotions.

Let us know what you think.