Product Highlight - December 2017


At Sweet Technology, we are constantly working hard to improve our user experience and help our manufacturers and retailers grow profitably. We add new features or improve existing features daily.  Here are a few things we have updated in December.

We now support decimal values on ordered quantity and inventory quantities!

  • Order and inventory quantity values support up to five decimal places.
  • Assembly component quantities support up to five decimal places.
  • Lot quantities, build quantities, etc. all support decimals.
  • B2B portal can optionally support decimal quantities

Additional B2B eCommerce portal improvements:

  • Added additional ability to customize banner text, banner text alignment, filters on catalog, and more.
  • Added more options for customizing logo placement and size.
  • Added content management of text on the order-success page.

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Support for nested chart of accounts.
  • Better support for email addresses and payment terms being synced to QBO