Sauce Maker Bushwick Kitchen Streamlined Their Inventory And Order Management Workflow Using Sweet

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Bushwick Kitchen

“What do you get when you combine honey and spices? Bees Knees Spicy Honey!”

Why Bushwick Kitchen Loves Sweet

  • Reduced time and order fulfillment mistakes
  • Increased transparency and access to accurate, real-time data
  • Automated reports and analytics that aid in business planning

Company Overview

Bushwick Kitchen started as an experiment. Two entrepreneurs got together one day and decided to find out if they could launch a company, from scratch in 30-days. That was in 2014. Today, Bushwick Kitchen is a successful sauce company delighting your taste buds with products ranging from spicy honey to flavored maple syrup. Their products are made with quality ingredients sourced from great local food companies in the Hudson Valley, Catskill, and the multicultural NYC diaspora of Flushing, Queens. You don’t have to take our word for how good their products are. Big-box retailers such a Whole-Foods and Williams Sonoma proudly feature Bushwick Kitchen’s products on their shelves.

Situation Overview

Managing a young and fast-growing business is certainly not easy. Just one year after Bushwick set out to start a sauce business, they sold $170,000 worth of Bees Knees Spicy Honey. With their company growing at such a fast pace, they quickly had their hands full with ensuring that they were able to supply their products to meet the customer’s demands. However, one issue that was threatening their business growth was their inventory management strategy.

A) Manual Inventory Management

Bushwick's practice of manually managing inventory with spreadsheets was causing many problems. First off, using spreadsheets to account for inventory was a time-consuming process. Bushwick had to transfer the same data across multiple platforms to complete a sales transaction. As a result, they spent a lot of time entering and editing data manually.

Manual data entry also contributed to another growing problem for Bushwick: errors in their order or inventory numbers. In the process of transferring data from one platform to the other, Bushwick team members would occasionally miss an order or mistype part of the order data, e.g., a customer’s address. With their business growing fast and more and more orders coming in, it was difficult to notice and fix these mistakes in advance. The more orders they received, the more mistakes would occur. When added up, the true cost of these mistakes materially impacted their bottom line.

B) Lack Of Real-Time Data

Another significant issue for Bushwick was that they used different software applications that did not “talk” to one another for accounting, shipping, and e-commerce. As a result, this made having real-time data impossible, as information was not updated instantly across all the platforms. Without having a centralized platform to store all the information, Bushwick did not have any way of verifying which platform contained the latest update. In other words, there was no “Single Source of Truth.”

C)Lack Of Holistic Data Across The Business

Lastly, Bushwick Kitchen faced an inability to look holistically at their data. Their data was siloed on the different platforms they used. Order data was stored in spreadsheets, their shipping platform, and their accounting application. At one point, Bushwick was using a cloud shipping application to manage all of their inventory, ultimately a poor fit since a significant percentage of their orders were handled through non-UPS/Fedex channels. Therefore, at different times, each data source or workflow application Bushwick used contained different snapshots of the same data. This made it incredibly difficult to grasp how their business was operating across their different functions.

With these inefficiencies in their inventory and order management workflow hindering their growth, Bushwick Kitchen needed to find a solution quickly.

bees knee spicy honey

How Bushwick Kitchen Used Sweet To Solve Their Headaches?

Wanting to find a solution for their business needs, Bushwick Kitchen started researching inventory management software products. After comparing features and pricing, then speaking with sales reps from a number of cloud inventory management platforms, they eventually decided on Sweet. For Bushwick, Sweet Technology’s top-notch customer support and affordable pricing made the decision easy.

“Being a young company that was growing fast, we needed some hand-holding at times. As such, we decided on Sweet as they were super responsive and super helpful. They were always there to work through any issues with us. “

Just a few weeks in, Bushwick was able to capture the benefits of using Sweet. Sweet allowed them to centralize their order management processes and streamline their order-to-ship process. This was primarily due to Sweet’s ability to integrate all their workflow applications together, streamlining their operation and providing a “single source of truth”.

Sweet’s integrations with their accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop, and their shipping platform, ShippingEasy, brought about data accuracy and time savings to their operations. With these integrations, team members entered the data once in Sweet, which then transferred the information to the other platforms. The integrations allowed them to save time by avoiding manual data entry, as well as cut down on errors typically encountered in their previous workflow.

In addition to workflow efficiencies, Bushwick Kitchen gained value from Sweet’s automatically generated reports. At any moment, team members could view or download auto-generated sales reports, production sheets, and packing lists from Sweet. This saved hours of time Bushwick spent compiling these reports previously. With reports available at a moment’s notice, Bushwick could get an overview of the business in seconds. They now can quickly plan to make business projections much more efficiently.

Order Entry Time Reduced By More Than 50%, Countless Mistakes Avoided.

“We love Sweet. Sweet helped us to cut down on our data entries mistakes and save us valuable time. They also brought about transparency in our business process, production, inventory and our sales.”

Using Sweet, Bushwick Kitchen was able to cut down time spent managing orders by more than 50%. Time spent entering orders and handling shipping was cut down from ten minutes to as little as three minutes. With their business receiving hundreds of orders every month, they were able to save a considerable amount of time just on managing orders.

In addition, before using Sweet, Bushwick Kitchen considered hiring an employee to help manage the orders. However, with the help of Sweet’s robust order and inventory management feature set, Bushwick was able to manage their existing business and more without needing to hire another employee, further increasing the bottom-line savings Sweet was delivering.

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