Top 6 Mobile Apps For Managing Your Wholesale Business


Running a wholesale business is tough work. You have to wear many different hats. As an owner or manager of a business, your job scope is probably not limited to running the wholesale operations. You also have to be on the road doing business development or meeting customers and suppliers. You need to able to manage your business 24/7, anytime and anywhere you are. Running your business with mobile applications helps you operate with this mentality.

With so many mobile applications to choose from, investing in the right mobile applications for your business can be challenging. To help you decide which mobile apps are essential for your business, we have put together a list of the top 6 mobile application to help you manage your business whenever you are on the move. This list covers everything from communication to data management. Enjoy!

Slack - Communication Tool

Slack is an instant messaging platform that allows you to communicate with your team anytime and anywhere you are. Slack enable you to manage your team communication by organizing team conversations into separate private or public channels, or you can opt to send a direct message to the person. You can also share business documents or images right in the chat itself. Furthermore, each individual can customize their notifications, allowing one to stay in the loop yet filter out the unnecessary noise when necessary.

In addition, you can streamline your business applications by connecting it to Slack to help your team stay coordinated and work more efficiently. Some integrations Slack offers include Google Drive, Zendesk, Dropbox to name a few.

The application is free to use for an unlimited number of users but has limited storage space and functionality.  There is a monthly fee to access more advanced features such as unlimited searches and app integrations.

Trello- Collaborative Work Tool

Trello is an easy-to-use project management application that organizes your projects into boards. Based on the Kanban system of project and task management, Trello is highly visual and can be said to be a digital form of Post-it notes and bulletin boards.

Within the application, a Trello board contains all the tasks and relevant information for a specific project. You can create many lists (categories) on a Trello Board. Each card you build on a Trello board represents a specific task to complete. You can move cards between lists, add members, comments, attachments, due dates and labels on them according to your project requirement. Furthermore, notifications can be set up so that you are informed whenever the status of a card is updated. With Trello accessible both online and as a mobile application, you can have a real-time view of the various projects within your business anywhere you are.

Trello is free to use. However, it requires a monthly fee for access to more advanced features such as 2-factor authentications for data protection and unlimited integrations to other workflow applications.

Quickbooks Online - Mobile Accounting Software

Quickbooks Online is an accounting software that allows you to manage your business and track your company overall financial health. Some of QuickBooks’ features include allowing you to track your business sales and expenses and view your financial statements.

QuickBooks Online comes with a mobile application allowing you to run your business on the go. You can create and send invoices, view balances, enter data entries all on your mobile app. This allows you to be more productive outside of the office and save valuable time during your commute.

While Quickbooks Online is not free, its prices are quite low. The cost depends on your company size and the features you required.

Shipstation - Shipping And Order Fulfillment Mobile Application

Shipstation is a web-based eCommerce shipping software that helps to streamline and automate your fulfillment process. Shipstation allows you to automate your online shipping and order fulfillment, saving you precious time to focus on growing your business.

Shipstation mobile allows you to manage your shipment process at your fingertips. You can get alerts of new orders, create and print shipping labels and track outgoing shipments.

Shipstation is not free, and the cost depends on the number of shipments per month and the number of users. The Shipstation App comes at no extra charge if you subscribe to Shipstation.

Intercom - Customer Service Management Tool

Intercom is a chat messaging application that allows you to communicate with prospects or existing customers within the application, on your website, social media or through email. With Intercom, you can acquire, engage and retain your customers supporting you at every stage of the marketing funnel.

With Intercom’s mobile app, you can manage all your new and existing customer queries anywhere you are. In the event your customer has an urgent query, you can easily reply to them through your mobile device.

Intercom is not free, and their lowest plan starts at $87/month and the price tier depends on the type of support and features you are looking for your business.

Hubspot - Mobile CRM, Sales And Marketing Tool

Hubspot is a marketing automation tool in the market. With Hubspot, you can monitor your lead performance during the sales funnel, communicate with your team on your leads and evaluate campaign metrics to track its effectiveness. It is easy to set up and have pre-built workflows in the system so you can easily set up and manage your sales process.

Hubspot mobile allows you to manage your marketing, sales and service platform on the go. Running your sales process and tracking your sales performance are some of the tasks you can manage on the road.

Hubspot CRM is free. While there are free plans for the marketing, sales and service hubs too, the features are limited. There are different pricing tiers for the various features available.


These mobile apps will help you manage different facets of your business, from anywhere you have internet access. With the right mobile applications in your toolset, you can optimize your working hours as efficiently as possible. Then, you can leave yourself free time to unplug and put down your devices from time to time – just because you can work 24/7, doesn’t mean you should!