• Who is Sweet for?

    Sweet is built for small-to-medium businesses. We're a perfect fit for wholesalers and distributors, manufacturers, and retailers and are used by companies in food and beverage, consumer goods, clothing, and fashion.

    For wholesalers and distributors, Sweet helps you manage your negotiated prices, invite your customers to place orders and view your catalog through your own branded portal.

    For manufacturers, Sweet helps you track inventory of raw materials and finished products across multiple stock locations. Set automatic alerts or purchasing orders to make sure you’re never out of key products or supplies. Sweet even handles inventory assemblies and bundles.

    For retailers, Sweet integrates with marketplace platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. Track and automate the sales, inventory management and fulfillment process.

  • What is the Sweet on-boarding process like and how long does it take?

    Getting started can take as little as 10 minutes. Our spreadsheet import functionality makes uploading product and customer lists easy.

    In addition, we offer importing products and customers directly from QuickBooks (Online or Desktop).
    We are committed to making the switch to Sweet simple and quick.

  • Will I have to export data manually from Sweet to my accounting / shipping / ecommerce / etc application?

    One of our main goals is to help companies become more efficient, which is why we integrate with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, ShipStation, Shipping Easy and Shopify. We are also in the process of building integrations with other applications. Let us know which integrations you need most by emailing us at hello@getsweet.com.

  • Is Sweet an ERP?

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and typically describes a suite of software meant to support and tie together complex business functions data, processes, and systems, including inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, and customer relationship management. ERP software is traditionally expensive and effort-intensive and is therefore a better fit for bigger companies.

    Sweet focuses on inventory and order management and bridges the gap for companies who run some or all of their company using spreadsheets, homegrown solutions, and/or accounting solutions for small to-midsize businesses like QuickBooks Online.

  • How secure is my data?

    At Sweet, data security and privacy is a top priority. Our encryption standards are identical to that of major US banks (128-bit SSL), our software is hosted by best-in-class cloud providers such as Amazon, and our databases are backed up every hour.


  • Does Sweet support recurring tasks? (Recurring orders)

    Yes. You can set recurring orders to repeat on specific days per week or month. In addition, you can specify whether you would like the order to be automatically placed or whether the order is created and the customer is reminded to finalize and place the nearly-complete order.

  • Do you support international currencies and languages?

    Yes. You can use Sweet in the currency of your choosing.


  • Can different prices be assigned to same product for different customers or for separate locations?

    Yes. We support customer-specific and product-specific price lists. You can group your customers or products by a type for more general price lists, or get super detailed and have an entirely unique catalog for every customer. Sweet also supports creating pricing adjustments targeted to specific products and/or customers. This is great when you are running a special and want to provide your customers with some extra incentives.


  • How can Sweet help manage inventory?

    With Sweet you can view product availability, control inventory tracking and backordering on individual products, you can in real time- transfer, add, and take stock, even manage multiple stock locations. We will show you what is on your shelf, how much is committed to outgoing orders, and how much is still available for sale (or backordered).  Sweet also offers setting minimum stock levels by product and stock location so you know when its time to order more or get the production team going.

  • Does Sweet support kitting / bundling / assembling / composite products?

    Yes, Sweet accommodates bundles and inventory assemblies. The main difference between the two is where the inventory is tracked. With an assembly, you can "build" the finished assembly which will decrement the stock of the components and increment the stock of the finished assembly. This allows you to keep track of how many finished items you have ready to sell. Bundles on the other hand, only keep track of the inventory of the components. The stock for the components is only decremented when the bundle gets ordered.

  • Does Sweet support multiple stock locations?

    Yes. Sweet can help you manage multiple stock locations and transfer stock between locations with ease. We also support shipping from different warehouses with default shipping locations for each of your customers. You can also choose which location to receive new stock from when using purchase orders.

  • Does Sweet support adding and customizing lot numbers for products?

    Yes, Sweet supports lot numbers on inventory items and inventory assemblies. You can choose to auto-assign lots to orders as they come in, or manually assign the lots on the order. With assemblies, we keep track of which component lots go into your finished assembly. If ever you need to do a recall, Sweet makes it easy to trace which orders and customers are affected to minimize the impact.


  • Does Sweet have a customer portal or catalog page?

    Yes. You can offer your customers a modern wholesale experience by inviting them to order from you via your own branded customer portal (hosted by Sweet). Customers can place orders anytime, any where for in-stock item. And any orders you create for your customers will trigger automatic status updates including pdf invoice attachments for clarity.

  • How user friendly is Sweet for my customers?

    Sweet is easy for you and easy for your customers. You will be able to invite your customers to place orders on Sweet once you are ready. All they have to do is add the products to their cart from their customer catalog and submit it when they are done. If you are making use of one of the payment integrations, they will also be able to pay you directly through the app.


  • Can Sweet identify my best selling products / customers as well as my opportunities?

    Yes. Sweet provides built-in reports to help you gauge how your business is doing. You can see your best selling products, top customers, as well as slow-moving products or customers who have dropped off, by viewing or creating custom reports with our reports tool.

  • How can Sweet help me with packing, production, and stock movements?

    Sweet has ample support for your operations staff with production planning reports, packing lists, and stock movement histories to help you see where your inventory is going and what products need to be produced to meet all of your orders.


  • Does Sweet integrate with my accounting software?

    Sweet integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Sweet saves you time, simplifies your work, and minimizes wrong entries by eliminating the need for double entry into the software.

  • Does Sweet integrate with my eCommerce site?

    Sweet syncs inventory and pulls orders and sales information to and from your eCommerce site and other sales channels giving you a one stop shop for all the cross-channel sales orders, inventory, and shipping details.

  • Does Sweet integrate with my shipping and fulfillment partners?

    Sweet’s integrations with ShipStation and Shipping Easy allow you to fully automate your shipping process, and is ready for direct carrier integrations, automatic label printing and shipment collection and delivery.

  • Can I import and export data to Excel?

    Data and reports can be printed or exported to PDF or Excel with a simple click of a button.