Manage your customers online, all in one place with Sweet. View their account status, order patterns, and find their contact information quickly.

  1. Customer Snapshot
  2. Customer List Management
  3. Bulk Customer Import
  4. Customized Offerings
  5. Automated Customer Status Updates


1. Customer Snapshot: Easily view your customer activity on the customer snapshot page: account status, balance, last order date, order history patterns, etc.


2. Customer List Management: Track and manage your customers’ contact information, discounts, tax type, reps, types, and fulfillment and shipping preferences.
3. Bulk Customer Import: Use our customer bulk import tool to quickly import your full customer list, including individual customer contacts.
4. Customized Offerings: Set customized product and price lists, assign special promotion and payment terms for customer types or even individual customers.
5. Automated Customer Status Updates: Create automated alerts to notify your customers when orders are received, approved, edited and shipped..