Manage your finished goods inventory using Sweet and reduce stock-outs and holding costs.

  1. Inventory Assemblies
  2. Bundles / Kits / Group Items
  3. Multi-Stock Location / Warehouse Management
  4. Re-order Point (coming)


1. Inventory Assemblies: Create and build your inventory assembly / composite products. Select parts, assign quantities needed for your assembly product, and build the product, converting part inventory into assembly inventory. Manage inventory assemblies without an expensive ERP installation or QuickBooks Enterprise plan



2. Bundles / Kits / Group Items: Create and manage bundles, AKA kits, group items, or composite products. Bundle together two or more products which are sold together as a set or individually. For example, a gift basket or a sampler kit.


3. Multi-Stock Location / Warehouse Management: As your business grows, Sweet can grow with you. Create multiple stock locations or warehouses, view inventory at each location and easily transfer stock between them when needed.


4. Re-order Point (coming): Set re-order points on your products and receive automated re-order alerts to avoid out-of-stock issues.