Simplify your invoicing process, let Sweet help you manage your invoices. Want invoices automatically sent once orders are approved, processed or shipped? Want customized invoices? Want to send consolidated weekly invoices? Yes, yes and yes - Sweet can do all of the above.

  1. Automated Invoicing
  2. Invoice Personalization
  3. Weekly Invoices
  4. Accept and Process Payments


1. Automated Invoicing: Sweet automatically generates invoices after orders are submitted or created. Invoices are automatically created, sent to customers (optionally), and immediately available to your customers via the Customer Portal!


2. Invoice Personalization: Customize your invoices with your logo, customer messages, and footer content.
3. Weekly Invoicing: Do you aggregate multiple orders into single invoices? Then our weekly invoicing feature is for you. Send weekly invoices to customers who place multiple orders a week but want less paperwork and bills. You will still be able to create separate invoices at anytime.
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4. Accept and Process Payments: Accept payments from your customers in the Customer Portal or enter their credit card information directly. If payments are made offline, you can still mark invoices paid manually.