Easily track your lot-tracked products, a must in today's regulatory environment. Sweet can even help assign lots to orders automatically, on a FIFO-basis.

  1. Manage Product Lots
  2. Auto-Assign Lots to Orders
  3. Track Expired / Past-Sell-By Inventory


1. Manage Product Lots: You can manage lot-based products in Sweet. Whether the product is a raw material, or a finished good inventory assembly, Sweet ensures you will always know the lot quantity and key dates related to the lot.
Lot Tracked Assembly Build


Lot Select
2. Auto-Assign Lots to Orders: Assign lots to orders manually or take advantage of Sweet's intelligent assignment, which looks at the date the lot entered Sweet and the sell-by dates of your different product lots.
3. Track Expired / Past-Sell-By Inventory: You can quickly view and take action on expired, near-expiring lots on Sweet.
Lot Tracking